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The Company Glovia Ltd. deals with construction, craft and installation works, object management and technical maintenance, project delivery as well as real estate sale. 

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Our construction and installation departments are led by engineers who manage highly skilled handymen. We provide full and complete construction, reconstruction and adaptation of commercial properties.

The Glovia team is made of certified engeeners who, in accordace with investors' demands and standards, design and obtain necessary permissions and agreements from cities, municipalities and/or shopping centres.

In cooperation with our regular subcontractors, we are able to carry out all kinds of work.


The top quality, its sustenance and clients’ satisfaction is our basic principle for long-term business ambition and goal achievement.


To become a leading company making your ideas come true while keeping in mind the exclusive quality and respecting the individuality of each client.

A professional approach to every project, trust and quality remain our imperative.