Project co-financed by the European regional development fund

User’s project name:

The Competitiveness and efficiency improvement of the company GLOVIA through new ICT solutions,  KK.

Brief project description:

The project The Competitiveness and efficiency improvement of the company GLOVIA through new ICT technology solutions has resolved the problem of growth and development incapacity caused by insufficiently effective business processes which consequently led to falling behind on the market. The investment in the innovative ICT solutions has enhanced business practices of financing and accounting, inventory control and sales, personnel and payroll administration as well as the construction business activities. The above-mentioned has reduced business costs and increased incomes which also strengthened the competitiveness of the company. The target group of the project whose interests are positively influenced are (1) user’s company, (2) user’s partners and clients along with (3) the employees.

The aims and the results of the project:

The general aim of the project is to strengthen the market position, to enhance the competitiveness and effectiveness of business practices of the SME with information and communication technology as well as to provide the support for the development of information society in Croatia. The purpose of the project is to optimise the business practices and workflow, to enable effective client and resource management by the investment directed towards information and communication technology. Everything already stated reduces unit costs, increases service quality, incomes and quality control. Finally, the path to the new markets is open, the position is competitive and the company grows.

The completion of the project ensured sufficient finance resources for the company to achieve the desired goals. The project solved the growth and development incapacity caused by insufficiently effective, parallel, fragmented and duplicated business practices. These ineffective practices stemmed from the inadequate software and hardware solutions which resulted in the decline on the market putting the market position at risk. The EU subsidy gave an additional value to the project making the implementation possible and assuring the quality and the adequate scope of the activities. Also, it has taken less time to accomplish the goals.

Total project value: 345.500,00 HRK

Non-refundable grants co-financed by the EU (in HRK): 172.634,28 HRK

Project period (from-to): 10th October, 2019 - 10th October, 2020

Contact person for more information:

Stipe Babić, tel: 385 1 7999 797, e-mail:

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